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At Unified High Tech, we design systems and create solutions for humans. Whether you want to optimise the user experience or gain a further understanding of your customer's site journey, our digital expertise can help you exceed your visitors expectations.

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    Create meaningful experiences

    Applications, systems and devices that ensure an easy to use, interactive experience for everyone.

    Design for success

    With the right digital experience strategy, you can increase conversion, boost sales and reduce your website costs.

    Stress free service

    We are a full-service web development company, which means you can rely on us for all of your digital needs.

    Advice you can trust

    We combine a unique blend of technical expertise, industry knowledge and real-world experience. We always strive to deliver the very best.

    UX/UI design that improves customer satisfaction

    Websites often underperform because they weren't designed with the end-user in mind. We'll work with you to clearly understand your customer's pain points. From here, we'll create a highly usable site that will build a strong bond between users and your brand, to ensure they return again and again..

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    UX/UI design that improves sales

    Great UX/UI design doesn't just help increase your sales, it turns passive users into active buyers.

    Our intuitive designs never miss an opportunity to wow new and returning customers. If your user interface is more effective at promoting your product, your sales will skyrocket.

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    UX/UI design that improves brand credibility

    When done well, UX almost always guarantees positive brand association, brand appeal and brand recall. We deliver bespoke experiences that engage your customer across every touchpoint and platform. Every business is different, so we'll get to know your goals and vision before diving into the design stage.

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    UX/UI design that improves business intelligence

    The more you understand your users, the easier it is to create a site that is attractive and engaging. Identifying your customers needs and opinions can be challenging, so we'll work with you to research your target audience and figure out the problems that they want solved.

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    UX/UI solutions that align with your customer's thinking

    We design systems and applications for human users.

    Better reviews

    If your site is easy to navigate, your customers will have a better experience while using it, which will lead to stronger reviews for your brand and product.

    Avoid costly redesign

    We test our designs on actual users right from the beginning, so you dodge expensive redesign costs down the line.

    Decrease bounce rates

    Users click out of websites for an array of reasons. We'll design a site that takes your customers from one step to the next.

    Increase visibility

    Our specialists want to help you improve conversion with new browsers. We create interfaces that will show off your product effectively.

    Fit customer needs

    Some websites are designed with the business executive in mind. Our focus is on your customer and solving their problems.

    Make purchasing simpler

    First impressions often impact customer behaviour. Our designs simplify the checkout journey, so users purchase product in a click.

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