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We prepare cutting-edge web design, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing strategies for businesses of every size. We'll work with you to deliver an optimised site that fits your unique requirements.

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    Who we are

    A team of experts

    Our experienced tech and creative experts specialise in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes stand out in a competitive marketplace. We create unique and engaging digital experiences that get your products noticed.

    A full service solution

    From consultation and design, to execution and promotion, we take care of every aspect of your online presence, ensuring that it strikes the perfect balance between budget, business goals and customer expectations.

    Committed to quality

    With a commitment to the highest standards of service, communication, and attention to detail, our consultants provide unparalleled value and maximise your ROI.

    The majority of consumers use a brand's online presence to judge its credibility. But as the digital space becomes noisier and more crowded, just showing up is no longer enough.

    Unified High Tech difference

    Here at Unified High Tech, we go the extra mile. Our world leading tech and creative talent, innovative research methods and strategies, and transparent, customer centric approach ensure that we truly understand your industry, your product and your audience. From there, our highly experienced web design and development team turn that insight into great custom products, and our marketing specialists help get them noticed.

    Results that speak for themselves

    We have a proven track record of creating web, branding and marketing solutions and services which rate perfectly across diverse parameters.

    Custom and creative website design that puts the user experience first

    Improve business efficiency, promote your offers and reach more customers.

    Increased reach

    Together, we'll create an online buzz for your product, so more prospects notice your brand.

    Increased lead generation

    We'll work with you to generate demand, connect with customers and convert new buyers.

    Increased sales

    Our customer-centric websites will direct users through the sales funnel, fast.

    What we do

    In short, we do it all. From web-hosting to digital marketing, branding to UX/UI design, consider Unified High Tech an all-in-one solution for your business's online presence. With expert tech and creative talent specialising in the full spectrum of growth and conversion focused design and strategy, there's no project too big or too small.

    Website Design

    Our websites have users at their core. We'll design a flawless site that reflects your brand, caters to your customers and looks good while doing both.

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    We create intuitive online stores that specifically speak to your target market. Our digital experiences will keep your customers coming back for more.

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    Whether you're looking to refresh your branding or build a brand identity from scratch, our expert creatives will create high impact visual and narrative content that will engage your audience across all your touchpoints.

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    Digital Marketing

    Give our digital advisors an opportunity to streamline and optimise your digital marketing strategies so you can spend more time on what you do best. We can help you to identify the marketing strategies and tactics that will maximise ROI no matter what the budget is.

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